2009 - 2010 cruise

November 2009




I know it's not November yet but close enough.  The groceries are loaded, all the leaks are fixed and the dingy is lashed on deck.  Looks like we'll untie the lines 11/2/09.  We won't update again till we are in Mexico so stay tuned.

11/3 to 11/7/09

After spending a night at the Harbor House Marina in Galveston we headed offshore with nice weather but a strong outbound tide against the wind and large steep waves.  Once we cleared the jetties and got out of the current things calmed down considerably. Winds NE at 12 knots.  Beam reach for Isla Mujeres.  Day 2 we heard there was a possible tropical storm forming off Nicaragua.  It didn't seem to be much of a concern.  Day 3 we learned Hurricane Ida had formed and was planning to meet us in Isla Mujeres.  We are changing our destination 200 miles to the West to Progresso.  Day 3 through 5 another low pressure system in the Bay of Campeche combines with a High pressure system in the SE US to bring us consistent winds of 35-40 knots and 20 foot breaking seas.  The boat took a hell of a beating  but stood up to it well.  No knockdowns and no major damage.


Arrived at Progresso at 0500.  Ida entered the Gulf at 0900.  What a ride!  We hope to never do a crossing like that again.  We were glad to be somewhere safe but would not return there on purpose.  We felt very unwelcome at the marina.  They asked us when we were leaving about 6 times a day.  Also we had to take a taxi into town to get any supplies. 

11/11 to 11/12/09

Sailed from Progresso to Isla Mujeres.  Once again the winds are higher than forcast at 20-25 knots.  The winds stay out of the North though giving us a much faster and easier than expected, until our arrival.  Never enter a strange harbor at night!  I know this but we got cocky and did it anyway.  As a result we ran hard aground (on sand) in breaking waves.  We used the engine and sails to drag ourselves off but took a pounding in the process and came way to close to hitting a rock jetty.  No damage to the boat other than some missing bottom paint.  More damage to our pride.  Hopefully no more excitement for awhile.  Isla Mujeres is beautiful.

11/12 to 11/22

The kids came down to Cancun for a week and we drove to Chitzen Itza, Tulum, and Coba.  Lots of time on the road but the Mayan ruins are amazing.  We are enjoying Island time for a few more days before we head on South.  If you come to Isla stop by Marina Paraiso.  The staff there is incredibly helpfull even if you are not staying at their marina.  Tell Tom we sent you.  


Leaving Galveston.JPG (1197856 bytes)

Leaving Galveston

100_0444.JPG (479472 bytes)

Memorial to fallen fishermen in Progresso

100_0590.JPG (2398230 bytes)

Panoramic of Tulum

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Really good Mexican food.

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Marina Paraiso