Galveston Bay Sailing


Picture 105.jpg (1167247 bytes) Artemesia & Wind Dancer at double Bayou. Picture 114.jpg (1851311 bytes)   Living sculptures. Picture 115.jpg (1155694 bytes) Secret Double Bayou Orange tree (Don't tell anyone).

Picture 093.jpg (760468 bytes) Crew dressed for cold weather.                      Picture 136.jpg (316986 bytes) Back to the bay.     Picture 034.jpg (118529 bytes) No visibility, no problem.  We know where we're going!

 June 03 trip 022.jpg (235605 bytes) Great sailing in East Bay.                            June 03 trip 014.jpg (199526 bytes) A crowded weekend at the secret anchorage. Bolivar beach.JPG (182279 bytes)The secret anchorage.

Harvest moon 010.jpg (227329 bytes) Johari about to be passed.                             How are we going to get this down.jpg (237552 bytes) Now we're cruisin!                            June 03 trip 018.jpg (258436 bytes) A perfect end to a perfect day.


DCP00651.JPG (321221 bytes) Foxy ready to get to shore at Offats Bayou.    DCP00650.JPG (314818 bytes) Foxy's Boat                                 Smith Pt West.jpg (50009 bytes) Bird Island at Smith Point        


Smith Pt middle.jpg (46890 bytes) Anchored at Bird Island.



DCP00966.JPG (278088 bytes) It's a tough life with the windvane in charge.  DCP00926.JPG (242579 bytes) The crew keeps a sharp lookout.       DCP00958.JPG (231248 bytes) An empty horizon.


DCP00645.JPG (226878 bytes) I think it's going to pick up!                       DCP00646.JPG (181066 bytes) Here it comes.                                     Harvest moon 054.jpg (252704 bytes) Enjoying the blue water.


Harvest moon 055.jpg (203608 bytes) Offshore view of Galveston.

Aransas & Corpus Bays

DCP00637.JPG (166360 bytes) Ingleside cove, Corpus Christi Bay DCP00634.JPG (176955 bytes) More Ingleside.  Look at that water color! DCP00633.JPG (225590 bytes) One More of Ingleside.


DCP00937.JPG (279258 bytes) Happy hour. Capt. Dave and 1st Mate Debbie DCP00938.JPG (285701 bytes) Good crew hanging out.             DCP00936.JPG (269353 bytes) More good crew.


DCP00948.JPG (238846 bytes) Wind Dancer at Port Aransas                  DCP00624.JPG (177071 bytes) Anchored off the Mustang Island Dunes   DCP00949.JPG (151394 bytes) Lydia Ann Channel

DCP00612.JPG (196086 bytes) Enjoying the Beach at Mud Island, Aransas Bay DCP00924.JPG (207007 bytes) Wind? Who needs wind?       

To Mexico on Artemesia

Copy of DCP00848.JPG (285176 bytes) Departing Galveston on a cold front.  Are we there yet?DCP00849.JPG (255669 bytes) "Honorary" Captain Ron   DCP00855.JPG (283792 bytes) Stephanie enjoying the warm South Gulf

DCP00851.JPG (245369 bytes) The Pilot charts didn't predict calms       DCP00862.JPG (279151 bytes) Ron enjoying fine sailing        Bruno Laid Back.JPG (331837 bytes) Captain Bruno enjoying another sunset


DCP00868.JPG (253974 bytes) Somewhere in the middle of the Gulf  DCP00875.JPG (282522 bytes) Awesome morning. Are we there yet? Contentment.jpg (345763 bytes) Is this fun or what?

foul bottom problem.jpg (333958 bytes) Capt Bruno up from his swim to clear the prop  Dave Incognito.JPG (331395 bytes) Yo!                                DCP00881.JPG (213422 bytes) We are there!

The Schooner "Chief Aptakisic" Many years ago in Panama

chief16_3.JPG (609538 bytes) Where sailing began for me.                       chief063.jpg (457422 bytes) Not a bad way to learn to sail chief16.jpg (769590 bytes) What a beauty!

chief26.jpg (911776 bytes) Landfall                                                 chief_aptakisic_1b.jpg (298317 bytes) Another great shot.