2006 / 2007 Cruising log


Hawksbill Cay to Normans Pond Cay


We headed on to Warderick Wells Cay in calmer weather, East wind at 10-15.  We hiked inland to visit some of the loyalist ruins from the 1780s.  The loyalists were British sympathizers fleeing America during the  Revolutionary war.  They left their plantations in America to start over in the Bahamas.  I'm not sure what the plantations they ran away from were like but they lived in very small rock huts here.  Also it rains very little in the Bahamas and the islands are very rocky so I can't imagine trying to farm here.  After a few years they gave up and left.  They left their slaves behind and gave them the land.  Most of the current Bahamians can trace their ancestry back to the loyalists slaves. 

We also had some great snorkeling at Warderick.  A 5 foot Barracuda took an interest  in us and gave Debbie a few nervous moments.  


Sailed to Staniel Cay.  We bought some expensive groceries and ice here.  We also paid $5.00 a bag to dispose of our trash.  Staniel Cay is a very pretty island and town.  There are cottages for rent here if you come by air.  It's a bit expensive but worth a visit.  This is also the home of the Thunderball Grotto.  The Grotto is a cave under a small island with skylights from above.  It was used for the filming of the James Bond movie, Thunderball, hence the name. The fish are accustomed to being fed by people snorkeling.  If bring a baggy full of bread they attack you for it.   We got rid of the bread quickly so they would quit biting our hands.

2/9 -2/12/07

Topped up on fuel then headed to Great Guana Cay.  One of our cruising guides said that there was nothing to attract cruisers to great Guana.  I guess they think cruisers don't like calm anchorages, beautiful beaches and great spear fishing.  At White bay we had an eagles nest right by the anchorage with chicks in it.  We were concerned that Tiger might be small enough to be seen as a meal.  There were very few boats here.  I guess they read the cruising guides.  

We moved on to Little Farmers Cay after a couple of idyllic days at Great Guana.  The same cruising guide that gave Great Guana a bad review said that Little Farmers was a cruisers paradise and anything you might need could be found here.  No matter what we asked for, they had just run out of it, or it was broken.  At least it was a pretty town and the trash disposal was free.  We moved to the East  side of the island and sat out a nasty cold front that came through overnight.  Our anchor held but we lost an oar off the dinghy.  Hope the outboard doesn't quit or we'll be rowing in circles.  

2/13 - 2/14/07

Headed through the cut to the Exuma Sound and motored to Lee Stocking Island.  Wind SE (on the nose) at about 9 knots.  From here on to Georgetown we have to travel in the Sound due to the shallow water on the Banks.  We have to carefully watch the weather because a strong East wind against an outgoing tide makes dangerous breaking seas in the cuts between the islands.  After coming back in off the Sound we tried making our way into the Lee Stocking anchorage in gradually shoaling water.   We bumped the bottom a couple of times and decided that anchorage was not so appealing after all.  We moved a little ways North and anchored off Normans Pond Cay.  I tried spear fishing with no success then lost my spear out of the bouncing dingy on the way back to the boat.  Determined to have fresh meat for dinner I threw the fishing poles in the dingy and trolled back and forth across the cut till I caught a yellow tale jack.  This was a pretty spot so we decided to chill out here for another day.

DSC00620.JPG (1821481 bytes)

Sperm whale skeleton on Warderick Wells.

DSC00629.JPG (1864511 bytes)

Loyalist ruins.

DSC00637.JPG (1608253 bytes)

Another Bahamas sunset.

DSC00648.JPG (1670364 bytes)

View from the top.  Changing a light bulb at the top of the mast

DSC00658.JPG (1767266 bytes)


DSC00669.JPG (1719762 bytes)

Early morning potty trip (for the dogs).

DSC00729.JPG (1847521 bytes)

Little Farmers Cay.

DSC00800.JPG (1762282 bytes)

Normans Pond Cay.

DSC00804.JPG (1916332 bytes)

Normans Pond Iguana.