2009 - 2010 cruise

March 2010

3/1 - 3/7/10

We sailed to West End and did some great snorkeling with Chrissy.  The town at West end has a bunch of great restaurants and plenty of souvenir stores.  It only gets crowded when the cruise ships disgorge there passengers for an afternoon of shopping.  Tom and Doris were kind enough to loan me scuba gear and I rented a couple of times so I got lots of diving in.  Tom and Doris also set Debbie up for her first Scuba dive.  Debbie had always hesitated to dive due to ear problems but she did great.  Chrissy left on 3/6 so it's just us again.

3/8 - 3/14/10

We went looking for protection from an approaching cold front and ended up in Gibson Bight.  It is a very secure anchorage but we were glad we checked it out with the dingy first due to the scary narrow entrance.  Caesar, the manager of The Last resort, had us up for dinner and a musical jam session with Tom & Doris of Footloose and Jean & Brenda of Queen Mary.  Jean and Brenda are awesome musicians and Caesar provided a seafood stew to die for.  As soon as the weather calmed down we sailed for the island of Utilla to clear out of Honduras.

3/15 - 3/31/10

We sailed to Diamonte Bay on mainland Honduras for an overnight stop.  Our fishing slump ended with a large tuna caught on the way.  We tried to leave Diamonte Bay for Placencia but ran into strong headwinds so turned back.  We ended up stuck in Diamonte Bay for a week.  The terrain on land was very pretty with high mountains but the water reminded us of Galveston Bay.  The highlight of our stay was a very large snook caught trolling from the dinghy.  We finally sailed on to Placencia and back into Belize. We had to pay extra to clear in on a Sunday since we heard the official were checking papers and fining cruisers $500.00 if they were in the country more than 24 hours without clearing in.  From there we wasted no time getting back to the Turneffe island and Lighthouse reef for some serious spearfishing.  We were so confident of finding fish and conch that we left Placencia with an empty freezer.  Debbie has become so fond of conch that she helped  me collect them in Turneffe.  She used to hide them from me so I wouldn't kill them.

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The whole crowd at Long Cay, Lighthouse reef.  Us, Lea Stocia, and Footloose

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Hogfish, YUM.