2009 - 2010 cruise

January 2010


1/1/2010 - 1/8/10

Happy New Year.  We spent New Years Eve on Sarah II.  We had a great Evening and watched the space station fly over.  Being cruisers we celebrated the New Year about 9 PM, then everyone went back to their own boats and bed.  A highlight of our stay at Lighthouse was a swim we took with a wild dolphin.  He wouldn't let us touch him but stayed about five feet away checking us out.  We headed back inside the reef to Tobacco Caye and sat out a cold front there.  It was a very secure anchorage but mangrove swamps all around and no good place to get Foxy ashore.  We passed the time by playing Mexican Train and drinking rum with tom and Doris on Footloose.  We then headed into Placencia for supplies.  We left Placencia for a rolly night at Ranguana Caye.  Ranguana is a very pretty private island but doesn't have much to offer as an anchorage.  The snorkeling was pretty but another cold front chased us back to Placencia.  We caught lots of fish on the way to Ranguana and back and my best lure was pretty much done.  Too many fish had taken a bite out of it. 

1/9/10 - 1/17/10

We headed 10 miles South to No Name Bay just North of Monkey river town.  No Name Bay is a very secure bay with a nice beach about a mile South for Foxy.  We took a couple of dinghy excursions down to Monkey River Town with the Footloose and E2motion crew.  We had lunch at Alice’s Restaurant and did a jungle river trip in the dinghies.  We took a short hike through the jungle and saw monkey tracks and some very large Jaguar tracks.  The only access to Monkey River town is by boat so we decided to donate the school supplies we had been carrying here.  The school was very well run and they were very appreciative of the donation.  On one of our dinghy explorations we found a very narrow straight channel which ran for several miles inland.  It was fed with fresh clear spring water and seemed very old.  We think it may have been excavated by the Mayans who were reputed to have built many canals.  Before leaving No Name Bay we spent an afternoon on the beach with Tom and Doris stocking up on coconuts. 

1/18 - 1/23/10

After clearing out of Belize at Placencia we were headed for Honduras.  We stopped for the night at Ranguana again and then got an early start for Escondito bay on Mainland Honduras.  We caught our last Spanish Mackerel for a while on the way to Ranguana.  The fishing in Honduras was pretty bad.  Also it seems like everywhere we go now the wind is on the nose or nonexistent.  So much for sailing.  Escondito Bay is spectacular.  Very high hills all around, Jurassic Park type jungles, a narrow entrance and sandy beach all around.  We were greeted by a couple of teenagers in a small boat who made us a bit nervous by admiring everything on our boats then asking if we had guns on board.  Everything definitely got locked up that night.  We headed on to Utilla in the Bay Islands and cleared in for $6.00.  Honduras is very friendly and welcoming to cruisers.  Belize should get a clue from them.  After a couple of pleasant days in Utilla we took another daylong fishless motor boat trip to the West End of  Roatan.  West End is a bit touristy but has beautiful diving and lots of nice restaurants.  There are free moorings of questionable quality and anchoring with poor holding in thin sandy spots.  An unforcast westerly wind built up which had us rocking and rolling then draagging through the anchorage.  Luckily our anchor alarm alerted us in time to prevent any damage. 

1/24 - 1/31/10

When it calmed down a bit we headed on to French Harbor.  French Harbor is home to the Fantasy Island resort complete with wild monkeys, wild macaws, and hundreds of weird little critters called watoosies.  French harbor also has a great US style grocery store, great diving and great socializing and happy hours.  No matter how brief a stay anyone plans they tend to get sucked in and stay longer.


100_0850.JPG (902058 bytes)

First view of Belize mountains

100_0870.JPG (2454368 bytes)

Brenda's cafe, Placencia

100_0882.JPG (1653054 bytes)

 Alice's Retauraunt, Monkey River Town with crew of Footloose and E2motion.


100_0932.JPG (1412083 bytes)

Ranguana Caye

100_0889.JPG (1167942 bytes)

Surprisingly modern monkey River town classroom.

100_0910.JPG (2244295 bytes)

In the jungle with our Jaguar fighting oar.

100_0920.JPG (2839751 bytes)

Old, possibly Mayan canal

100_0945.JPG (1187162 bytes)

Coming to Escondito Bay

100_0952.JPG (1486164 bytes)

Footloose in Escondito Bay

100_1005.JPG (1203264 bytes)

Monkeys of Fantasy Island

IMG_3004.JPG (499177 bytes)

Wind Dancer in Utilla.  Mountains are 30 miles away on the mainland.

IMG_3005.JPG (669826 bytes)

View from the top of Roatan