2006 / 2007 Cruising log




Sailed back out into the sound and headed for Georgetown.  The number of boats anchored in Elizabeth harbor is shocking.  There were approximately 350 boats here.  Georgetown is often referred to as "Chicken Harbor" because of the number of boats that remain here instead of heading further South as they had initially planned.   We soon discovered that it was easy to find some beautiful anchorages away from the crowds if we move a few miles North or South of town.  It seems everyone congregates as close as possible to the well stocked Grocery store (or maybe it's the bars).  We made a run into town in the dingy for some ice ($4.50 a bag), and pork chops for dinner.  The meat cost less than the ice.  

2/16 - 2/23/07

We spent a week sampling the different anchorages and snorkeling spots.  We spent a night at Red Shanks Cay for protection from a strong cold front predicted one evening.  We had a couple of hours of 40 knot + winds.  Our anchor held fine but our dingy kept lifting off the water and flying around then landing upside down with the motor and fuel tank attached.  It seems upside down is the position a dingy has the greatest stability.  We lost the oars and fuel tank but collected them later with the help of the cruisers anchored downwind of us and a search of the beach.  As soon as it calmed down I tore the outboard apart to get the salt water out of it and get it running again.  

I did some more spear fishing with a new spear I bought in Georgetown.  We had more Lobster for   dinner and collected some Conch for Conch salad.  We also discovered that Conch skin was great fish bait and had a Hogfish for dinner one night. 

We did some hiking on Stocking Island.  We went beachcombing at low tide on Sand dollar beach and found............Sand dollars.  We also found starfish, baby conchs, sea slugs, and lots of other cool stuff.  

We went shopping in Georgetown.  If you are in the Bahamas try "Fire in the Hole" rum.  It sounds awful but is one of the best rums I have tasted.  

Tiger had some traumatic experiences on three consecutive days here.  He disappeared into the interior on Stocking Island for a couple of hours during a thunderstorm.  We could not find him but he finally came out on his own.  The next day he fell down the companionway steps but was not injured.  The third day he was attacked by a Jack Russell terrier and badly bitten.  I hope it's true that bad things come in threes because three is enough!  


2/23 - 3/2/07

Moved back to town to stock up on Groceries for Chrissies arrival.  Chrissy arrived and got her first taste of the Bahamas in a very wet dingy ride back to the boat.  She it was a surreal experience getting off the plane on Great Exuma after leaving snowy Virginia hours before.  

We bounced around all the Elizabeth Harbor anchorages showing Chriisy the Beautiful beaches and snorkeling we had found.  We took her shopping at the straw market and even experienced another strong cold front.  

We decided to start heading back North and spend the last couple of nights Chrissy was with us at the 4 star resort and Marina at Emerald Bay.  They had a bargain deal of $0.75 per foot per night.

 DSC00817.JPG (1785740 bytes)

The Conch spot.  Great Conch salad.  Scorch Conch doesn't mean she cooks it.  It means really hot peppers.

DSC00833.JPG (1667234 bytes)

Elizabeth harbor as viewed from town.

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The straw market.

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Chrissy visiting for an escape from winter in Virginia.

DSC00929.JPG (1803430 bytes)

Foxy trying to relax.

DSC00967.JPG (1832304 bytes)

My brief kiteboarding session before breaking my board in half.