2009 - 2010 cruise

February 2010

2/1 - 2/7/10

We escaped the conveniences of French Harbor and headed East to Port Royal.  Port Royal is still on Roatan Island but seems a world away.  There are old Pirate fortifications, a cool resort called Mango creek, great reefs and no civilization.  We had an amazing dinner at the resort with Tom & Doris from Footloose and the owners of Mango creek, Terry and Patrice.  I caught a large barracuda trolling in the dinghy but let it go due to fears of ciguatera poisoning.  I think Tom & Doris wanted to slap me since they love barracuda and the poisoning is rare in this part of the Caribbean.

2/8 - 2/14/10

We sailed further East to the island of Guanaha.  We anchored in El Bight and were greeted by a friendly dolphin and Trevor, Karisa, and Kira of Lea Scotia.  We spent a couple of days up at Josh's Cay and enjoyed exploring and dining at Grahams place.  Grahams place is a small resort which resembles a nature park with every land and marine animal found in the Caribbean, plus a few not usually found here.  Back to El Bight for a visit to town.  The town of Guanaha is built on a small Cay off the main island.  It is so crowded that the locals have extended the town on stilts out over the water.  It kind of resembles Venice.  The big island of Guanaha is less than a mile away and has very little development so it is hard to understand why they don't build there.  On the way back to El Bight Tom broke our fishing dry spell by catching a large Pompano.

2/15 - 2/20/10

Guanaha was the furthest we travelled.  From here on we are backtracking.  There is still lots to see.  We sailed back West to Old Port Royal.  There is a great beach for Foxy to run on and a very protected anchorage. 

2/21 - 2/28/10

Back to French Harbor again.  We need water and we have laundry to wash.  We also ordered a Honda generator which should finally arrive after a month.  Our daughter Chrissy arrived on the 27th so we are enjoying showing her the sights.

100_1060 (1).jpg (208040 bytes)

There be dragons!  The iguanas are wild.  They come to be fed every afternoon.

100_1078 (1).jpg (162024 bytes)

Wind Dancer in Port Royal.

100_1082 (1).jpg (288861 bytes)

Foxy in the old Pirate fort.

100_1109 (1).jpg (121910 bytes)

The Calf and Cow rocks, Port Royal.

100_1116 (1).jpg (97839 bytes)

S/V Footloose with Roatan in the background.

100_1154 (1).jpg (114679 bytes)

Foxy's beach at Old Port Royal.