2006 / 2007 Cruising log


Highborn Cay to Hawksbill Cay


We had an easy motorsail from Nassau to Highborn Cay.  We had been stressing out over crossing the Yellow Banks.  In one of our cruising guides they were described as an area to be avoided shallow water with many coral heads.  Crossing the banks turned out to be no big deal.  The coral heads were very easy to spot and avoid. 

Our arrival at Highborn Cay on was our first landfall in the Exumas.  It was a great feeling to have reached our goal of sailing to the Exumas after so many miles.  Debbie and I did some drift diving with the dingy over some nice reefs.  At slack water I went hunting for dinner with some Canadians (Did I mention everyone sailing here seems to be from Canada?) in the cut between Highborn and Allen's Cays.  I got one very large lobster before the tide turned and the current started up again.  The one tail was enough for dinner for both of us. 


We sailed on to Shroud Cay with an 18 knot NE wind.  Shroud Cay is in the Exuma Land and sea park so no more hunting for dinner for awhile.  Shroud Cay had lots of cool mangrove creeks to explore by dingy.  The wind picked up to 30-35 knots so we stayed put another night.  Waves from the Exuma sound side made it through the cuts and around the island so we had a rock & roll night.


On to Hawksbill Cay.  The wind was still 30 knots but there was a lot better protection here and it's a beautiful spot.  We took the dingy up a mangrove creek all the way across the island then hiked over the last hill to the beach on the sound.  We also had a nice high hill overlooking the anchorage to climb. 

DSC00545.JPG (1777257 bytes)

Beach at Highborn Cay

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Souvenir shopping

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Shroud Cay beach

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Hawksbill Cay Beach

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Beach & Cliffs on Exuma Sound side