2006 / 2007 Cruising log

Dry Tortugas


Well, we finally left Fort Myers and had a pleasant overnight sail to the Dry Tortugas.  Finding our way into the anchorage was a bit more stressful than it needed to be since this was our first experience at visual navigation through the reefs.  We had a couple of ideal days of calm weather and sight seeing.  Fort Jefferson is amazing.  It's worth a trip if you've never been.  Tourist boats come out from Key West daily.  


We spent yesterday and today exploring the fort.  The snorkeling is also pretty interesting.  I woke up this morning to something thumping the bottom of the boat.  I flew up on deck to see if we had drug anchor and discovered several really large Goliath Groupers hanging out under the boat.  We jumped in with them and discovered there was a 5 foot nurse shark and a large sting ray under there also.

1/9/2007 - 1/14/2007

A cold front came through and the wind settled in from the NW at 30 - 35 knots and stayed there.  Our next destination was to the NW so we were stuck!  We were well prepared with food and water but ran out of ice.  We tried to buy ice and seafood from the fishermen and found out the park has rules against the fishermen selling or trading anything with the cruising boats.  I guess they don't want us setting up permanent residence.  

Cuban refuges arrived while we were here.  Their boats are scary!  It's amazing they make it.  Since they touched US soil they get to stay and are on their way to Citizenship.  The Coast Guard showed up in a cutter to take them to Key West for processing.  Viva U.S.A!!


Warm drinks to we get to Key West!  It could be worse, I could be in an office cubicle!


DSC00362.JPG (1858103 bytes)

View of parade grounds.  The interior of the fort is 17 acres. 

DSC00361.JPG (1777771 bytes)

Wind Dancer from the top of the fort.

DSC00382.JPG (1560645 bytes)

Biigg Grouper

DSC00411.JPG (1843721 bytes)

Cuban yacht

DSC00371.JPG (1571903 bytes)

The mote

DSC00372.JPG (1692241 bytes)

The light house

DSC00419.JPG (1550613 bytes)

A bit of a breeze.

DSC00357.JPG (1393153 bytes)

View of Wind Dancer through a gunport.  Hope they're friendly!