Marine & RV Wi-Fi Booster

This kit includes everything you need to dramatically improve your wireless signal range.  It includes a wireless radio with 1000mW of transmit power, a 12dbi or 15 dbi omnidirectional weather proof antenna, and a 30 ft low loss cable to connect them.  It also includes stainless steel mounting hardware for boat or RV.  Everything but the antenna comes packed in a convenient storage box.  Installation is quick and easy. (Instructions included.)

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Marine & RV Wi-Fi Booster

The transmit power is 20 times that of a standard internal Wi-Fi card.  The 41.5 inch 12dbi antenna or 62 inch 15 dbi antenna will really bring those distant signals in.  When testing this setup, my laptop received 3 weak signals with the internal card and 14 strong signals with the booster installed.  Results will vary depending on how many signals are available at your location.


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Typical mounting on a sail boat.



 $250.00 with a 12 dbi antenna

$270.00 with a 15 dbi antenna

Shipping is included anywhere in the lower 48 states.


Antenna choice

Contact me if you have questions or need technical assistance.