2006 / 2007 Cruising log


Great Exuma to Miami


3/2/08 - 3/8/08

We had a nice sail up to Emerald bay Marina and saw a whale on the way.  This is the first whale we have seen from the boat so we were very excited.  Emerald Bay is a first class resort with Pools, Hot tubs, Golf and everything else you would expect. We enjoyed free laundry and hot showers and sent Chrissy back to the airport without her smelling like she'd lived on a boat in the tropics for a week.  

After Chrissy left I discovered great reefs for spear fishing right outside the marina so it's lobster for dinner again.

The weather close in and we were stuck for another 4 days longer than planned but being stuck in paradise isn't to terrible.

3/9/08 - 3/14/08

We headed back North through the Exumas stopping at different islands than before.  I caught a large Mahi Mahi before we left the sound for good at Gaulin Cay.  Grilled mahi, grilled mahi sandwiches, fried mahi, more fried mahi.  We hadn't eaten this good in a while... I guess the lobster could be considered eating good also.

On March 10th I realized I had less than a month to get back to work.  I was worried we wouldn't make it in time, what was I thinking, who cares when we make it back.  

We arrived at Nassau and stocked up on Groceries thinking we had several more stops before leaving the Bahamas.  The weather had different ideas, we had 24 hours to make Miami or we'd have to wait at least another week to cross the Gulf Stream.  Off we went.

3/15/08 - 3/18/08

We sailed all day after departing Nassau under spinnaker to make the NW Channel onto the Great Bahama bank before nightfall.  Then we doused the spinnaker and sailed all night on a beam reach and arrived at Gun Cay cut at dawn.  We arrived at Bayside Miamarina in downtown early that afternoon after a tough last few miles against the Gulf Stream to make Government cut.  It was an easy walk over the bridge to clear customs at the Port of Miami.

DSC01010.JPG (1784155 bytes)

Roughing it at Emerald Bay.

DSC01067.JPG (1611498 bytes)

Life's a Beach in the Bahamas.

DSC01082.JPG (1915730 bytes)

Dinner, and lunch, and dinner, and luch again.

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