2009 - 2010 cruise

April - May 2010

4/1/ - 4/7/2010

We ended up staying 2 weeks at Lighthouse reef before we ran out of water.  The collecting and hunting was great.  We arrived with an empty freezer, ate like kings, and left with a full freezer.  There was one patch reef near our anchorage where I could count on getting a couple of nice Blue runners anytime I jumped in the water. We could have conch whenever we felt like collecting and cleaning it.  Lea Scotia caught up with us again and we enjoyed diving and hanging out with them and the crews from Footloose and Knot Now.  My biggest scare while in the water was an up close encounter with a box jellyfish.  Luckily I saw it and didn't touch it.  

4/8 - 4/14/10

We parted ways with Footloose after many miles and much fun together.  Hopefully we'll cross wakes with them again soon.  We stopped at Rendezvous point on Turneffe for a night.  It is a beautiful spot and we wished we could spend more time but we really are out of water.  Add a watermaker to our list.  We arrive at Cay Caulker for supplies and water then on to San Pedro to clear out of Belize for Mexico.  We sailed overnight for Isla Mujeres and arrived after dark again but it was no longer an unfamiliar harbor so we came right in.  We got in just in time to take shelter from a week of really nasty weather.

4/15 - 4/30/10

We met a bunch of other boats all headed back to Texas so we had lots of cool people to socialize with.  Isla Mujeres is still one of our favorite places with friendly people and cheap restaurants and bars.  Craig on Knot Now cooked Debbie a rack of lamb for her birthday dinner.  Craig is professional Chef from New Orleans, it was a dinner to remember.  He also made mint juleps to challenge our ability to remember dinner.

5/1 - 5/10/10

We finally got our weather window to leave Isla on 5/4.  We had a very calm crossing and i estimated we motored about halfway to Galveston.  I didn't realize how efficient our engine was.  We still had fuel to spare.  The fishing was frustrating due to heavy sargasm weeds.  I had to clear the lures every 2 minutes or so.  One interesting phenomenon we saw at night were patches of phosphorescence flashing so brightly they looked like underwater lightning storms.  We arrived in Galveston on 5/10 and called customs to meet us at the marina.  We are back in the land of plenty.  Time to start planning the next trip.

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Blue Runners

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Local fishermen

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Punta Sur, Isla Mujeres

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Fertility goddess.  Is that a mustache?

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Pirate Mudaca's gravestone

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Hanging with Craig & Cindy of Knot Now

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Como No sailing for Texas with us